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Selected Statements by Award Winners

As a winner of the Supply Chain Management Award, you can benefit from a high degree of attention from the specialist trade community. In addition to this, participation can also result in numerous positive effects – internally, among customers and suppliers, and as an employer. Even though there can only be one winner, all participants can benefit from applying for the Supply Chain Management Award.

Award winner 2013
Dr. Paulus Bucher, Senior Vice President Global Operations ADVA Optical Networking

“We received the Supply Chain Management Award at just the right time. It means that respected experts from the jury endorse our strategy. And it is also a great reward for our work.”

Award winners 2012
Dr. Kurt Gruber, Corporate Vice President Corporate Supply Chain, Infineon Technologies

"We see the Supply Chain Management Award as an appreciation for the achievements. It is an important recognition for the hard and good work being done by our supply chain community. The award shows the value that our supply chain has in the company, and helps to differentiate ourselves from our competitors."

Award winners 2011
Robert Blackburn, CIO und Barbara Hoyer, Vice President Process Enablement, BASF

"This award is of high priority for us. The successful application will strengthen the company and also generate positive effects in the organization, even far beyond the inner circle of people in the supply chain functions. The award reinforced the conviction of internal stakeholders that supply chain management can provide a competitive advantage for the company. More importantly, the effect on the external market. This award demonstrates that BASF set new and innovative standards The application process has been very constructive, and from discussions with the assessors we could draw new inspiration.”

Award winners 2010
Klaus Allisat, Head Materials Management and Jürgen Müller, Head of Procurement Fahrwerk, BMW Motorrad

"Winning the Supply Chain Management Award was an enormous motivation for everyone involved and gave us the opportunity to present our approach internally as well as externally. Being a rather "small" procurement department, we aroused a great deal of interest from various sides within the BMW group as a whole. The award is an excellent way of bringing together different employees for a joint project in order to promote changes in the supply chain. Achieving a close collaboration between procurement, logistics, quality and development was one of our main objectives last year. The task of presenting our collaboration in the area of supplier risk management in different presentations led to optimized processes as well as improved cooperation on a personal level. Overall, the balance between costs and benefits is positive and the participation was fun, too."

Award winners 2009
Dr. Dirk Holbach, Corporate Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations Henkel AG & Co. KGaA – Laundry & Home Care

"We received very positive feedback from customers and suppliers. Winning the Supply Chain Management Award resulted in a variety of reasons to initiate discussions about supply chain integration. The competition is very productive. It has increased the visibility and attractiveness of the supply chain organization. Besides having a positive effect on the team’s motivation, the award makes the company more attractive as a customer, supplier and employer. During the application process, we experienced valuable support for the determination of future focus areas in terms of strategy, structure and systems."

Award winners 2008
Klaus Venus, Logistics & Orderprocess Director Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper, Europe & International

"Winning the Supply Chain Management Award has proven our outstanding position in the face of global competition, while at the same time revealing potential and actual opportunities for future improvements and developments. The feedback and learning curve from participating in the Supply Chain Management Award alone are worth the effort of the application process."

Award winners 2007
Edgar Mahler, Head of Logistics and Reinhold Götz, Head TMI Gerätewerk Erlangen, Siemens AG Industry Sector Drive Technologies Division Motion Control Systems

"The structured two-stage selection procedure is a very helpful process for efficiently presenting  improvements and success achieved both internally and externally. Receiving the Supply Chain Management Award contributed significantly to increasing the reputation and status of the logistics organization and helped give transparency to developments induced by the logistics organization."

Award winners 2006
Jörg Cwojdzinski, Vice President SCM (Produktion und Logistik) Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

"Based on the assessment, we were able to identify in detail those sub-processes of our entire value chain which are performing well and those areas where there is room for improvement. The jury’s feedback enables us to identify concrete optimization projects for the upcoming years. A regular determination of current position and performance is indispensable for anyone striving for continuous improvement. The application procedure is a suitable instrument for this. The fact that a high-ranking jury of supply chain experts evaluates, reviews, questions and awards the supply chain’s processes gave the entire team a motivational push. We took advantage of this to lift the entire organization to a new level of development.".





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